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What You Think You Know About Women’s Health May Not Be True!

Dr. Carol Roye has worked for more than 25 years in the field of women’s health. An accomplished researcher, teacher and nurse practitioner, Dr. Roye is sought after by news media and health organizations to speak on a wide variety of women’s health issues.

Over time, Dr. Roye began to notice subtle differences in the way women’s health issues were being treated. She was alarmed to see more and more women losing control over their reproductive lives, and thus their overall health. Not knowing why this was happening or what to do about it, she did what she knew best – she researched the facts.

Even this leading expert was shocked to learn the truth behind the assault on women’s health, and how it had become indelibly intertwined in our political fabric.

She also was astounded at the many myths  that still existed about women’s health. So she decided to write, A Woman’s Right to Know, to expose the myths and reveal the truth.

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